We teach class at Living Hope Church who is gracious enough to donate a classroom for our use.

Who We Are

Mission and vision


Mission: PAX Learning Center’s mission is to provide professional teachers and tutors to adults who did not finish high school and aid them in achieving their educational, employment and life goals.  

Vision: To give students of all ages and backgrounds the best possible chance to succeed in education and life.

PAX Learning Centers, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit, was founded because there exists a  real need to aid a segment of the population that is not receiving the necessary care regarding education, life and job skills. We want to aid those who fall into a low socioeconomic status. 

The founders of PAX have 20 years of combined experience working with those who did not finish high school, young students who are in need of tutoring, and those who are English language learners.

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Our motto is, "To teach is to

touch lives forever."