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Personalized Instruction

While we offer classroom instruction, we also offer personalized and tailored instruction to fit your time and your needs. Not everyone is the same or learns the same. 


Our classroom is student centered. We do not teach a set curriculum, instead we tailor the curriculum to the needs of the students. 


Our curriculum is GED based and is our own curriculum. We teach what you need to know to pass the GED. We do offer advanced curriculum for those who wish to pursue a more academic path. 


We also offer individualized tutoring sessions. If you work or you home life prevents you from attending class, or you simply do not want to, you can work one on one with a tutor. Our tutors are individual selected for their ability to connect with students as well as instruct them. 

Academic Skills

We also offer our clients training to prepare them for the academic world should they wish to pursue a college degree. We teach such skills as, note taking, goal setting, and time management. 


Pax wants to work closely with business and industry, we offer resume writing and interview skills, we will aid students in determining what job may be suit them. We want to work with the industries and businesses in our area so we can also meet their needs and maybe help place clients into jobs.