Downloadable Math Workbooks and Video Links

Below are four PDF file Math workbooks. The first three are from PAX Learning Center and the fourth is from Tyler Wallace. Below that are video links. Click on the pictures to go to the websites.

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Virtual Nerd

Wallace Textbook

Wallace Textbook


Virtual nerd provides many short videos on a large portion of math from basic to geometry.

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Wallace Textbook

Wallace Textbook

Wallace Textbook


Tyler Wallace provides not only a huge textbook but video library for most of the topics in the textbook

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Khan Academy

Wallace Textbook

Khan Academy


Khan Academy provides video lessons and problems to solve. Good source.

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Reading Language Arts/Science/Social Study Links

Reading LAnguage Arts

IXL Language Arts. This site contains; main idea, themes, purpose, comparing text and structure. 

U.S. History This site is filled with short reads about U.S. History. Some parts are followed up with quizzes and tests. 


IXL Science This site has pretty much everything you'll need to know to pass the GED Science test. 

GED Practice Websites


GED Testing Site the best place to start. The first step is to create an account. This allows you to begin taking practice tests. You can also find short practice tests 

New Readers Press practice test portal has practice tests that look just like the real test. Great place to practice at. Create an account and get started.